300 Hour Yoga Study

 Wellness Revolution - Leadership Evolution

It’s a yoga revolution.  Experienced teacher?  Evolution!  We’ve moved from student/teacher relationship, to a paradigm where opportunities to do The Work; practice The Art, are coming from new directions.


It's about who hires you; and what YOUR dreams are. If you dream of a yoga livelihood, there are infinite ways. Perhaps frantically teaching more and more classes is not it. Don’t burn out before you shine!  

Wellness is ESSENTIAL for authentic yoga leadership. That's where it begins, in your own life. Stepping into personal leadership is powerful intention. Warrior level wellness required. Add a supportive group on the path—next level empowering!

 Where to begin?  Wellness & Leadership Co-Director, Candy Bell M.S., encourages, “Always begin with the breath,” and we do—in Retreat. Open to all yoga teachers, the Retreat is ideally the FIRST STEP for those joining the 300hour program.

 "Wellness & Leadership" is designed in TEN LESSONS to be a support network, and launching pad, for your next level.  It can be completed in 10 months or two years.

1. Lesson One - The Essential Retreat

Open to all yoga teachers.
Co-Directors: Mona Ceniceros, Candy Bella
2018: October 12, 13, 14, 2018
Description: Establishing a bedrock of deep-level wellness with healthy food, laughter, restorative yoga and opening the heart’s door a crack to let some dreams in.

2. Lesson Two - Yoga Leaders Innovate

Open to all yoga teachers.
  Mona Ceniceros, MS
2018: Nov 8, 9, 10, 11;  Thursday to Sunday;
2019: TBA
Description:  Four consecutive days of “Yoga-Out-of-the-Box,” training. This is the second largest time investment after the Retreat. It may be inconvenient; but, these four required days comprise necessary contact hours and include:  Wall, Chair and Table Yoga trainings. 
Stand-alone Cost: $750 (15 CECs)

3. Lesson Three: Rock the Third Realm

Prerequisite: Lesson Two
Presenter:  Mona Ceniceros, MS
2019: TBA Dec/Jan (Independent Projects)
Description: The best yoga jobs are yet uncreated; happening everywhere, every day in the third realm. Brainstorm and listen to deep intuition! Intentionally envision your highest opportunities; complete independent assignments for Leadership Projects.

*Third realm opportunities (but not limited to): Entrepreneurs, studio owners, teacher trainers, program directors, retreat leaders, franchises, athletic teams, dance programs, colleges, corporations, YMCA non-profits, virtual studios.

4. Lesson Four:  Entrepreneurship + Radical Wellness

Prerequisite: Lesson Two & Three
Presenter:  Mona Ceniceros
2019: Feb 23-24 (Sat/Sun)
Description:  Practicum for Leadership Projects structure and assignments.

5.  Lesson Five:  Begin with Breath!

Open to all yoga teachers.
 Candy Bell, MS
2019: March 9-10
Description: This Pranayama Weekend Intensive with 300hour Co-Director Candy Bell is an excellent opportunity for yoga teachers to learn how to practice and teach a variety of classic yoga breathing exercises.
Stand-alone Cost: $350

6.  Lesson Six:  Meditate to Be Well & Lead

Open to all levels, beginners welcome.
April 21- 22 (Sat/Sun)
2019: April TBA
Presenter: Mary Margaret Anderson Fay (yogamn.com)
Description:  Explore a variety of meditation techniques. Learn how meditation is valuable for personal health and effective leadership.
Stand-alone Cost: $350

7.  Lesson Seven:  Uplift Others on the Path

Prerequisite: Lessons One through Four
2019: May 4 and May 5, 2019
Presenter: Mona Ceniceros, M.S.
Description: Leadership is not about getting to the top—but how many did you bring with you? Material applies to becoming a Workshop Provider; Teacher Trainer, Program Director; Studio owner and Mentor.

8.  Lesson Eight:  Go With the Flow

Prerequisite: Open to all Vinyasa yoga teachers
2018: Friday, June 15 to Sunday, June 17
2019: Friday, June 21 to Sunday, June 23
Presenter:  Mona Ceniceros, M.S.
Description: A physically challenging training weekend as it encompasses a variety of Vinyasa classes, both Power and Slow Flow, in a laboratory plus lecture format.  
Stand-alone Cost: $350

9.  Lesson Nine: Share & Shine!

Prerequisite:  Lessons One through Four
2019: July 27-28 (Sat/Sun)
Facilitators: Co-Directors Candy Bell; Mona Ceniceros
Description:  Presentation of Independent Leadership Projects.

10. Lesson Ten: Wellness is Full Circle

Prerequisite:  Completion of 300/500hourRYT
2019: Aug 9, 10, 11
Facilitators:  Mona Ceniceros, Candy Bell
Description:  In-house mini-retreat with your 300hr Program cohort; 
Process, Graduate and Celebrating the Journey!

TUITION COST:  The 300hour Yoga Alliance program is $3,800 which includes your Retreat (accommodations, meals, but NOT airfare) and all required 300hr activities. The remainder of the training is at Sun Moon Yoga in Mankato, MN

Option One: BEST PRICE:  A discount of $200 for full-amount upfront payment: $3,600.
Note: Full refund if the Retreat/Program is cancelled.  Partial refund if you cancel.


Option Two: Pay Stand-alone prices for your Retreat; and/or Stand-alone workshops.  

Tuition cost for Yoga Alliance Advance Training: $3,000 due in two $1,500 payments.  The first on, or prior to Nov. 8, 2018 (Yoga-Out-of-the-Box Training).

The second $1,500 payment is due March 2018/19; prior to Pranayama training with Candy Bell.

SEEKING: Yoga teachers who believe deeply in authentic yoga to step into creative leadership. Timing is individual. This program can be completed in two ways:

  1. Retreat and complete the following lessons in order - you will graduate in 10 months.

  2. Pay Stand-alone rates for Retreat, and/or workshops (Lessons Five, Six, Eight); Receive 300hour program academic credit (but no tuition adjustment) if you complete the program requirements in the following year. Retreat participants who chose to join “Wellness & Leadership,” within one year of attending a Retreat may deduct $800 from program tuition.

Wellness & Leadership - Sun Moon Yoga 300hour/500hr RYT Yoga Alliance Advanced Teacher Training was created because Mona saw few worthy opportunities for excellent yoga teachers beyond burn-out. She cultivates teacher’s wellness and incubates leadership in the yoga community.  Not her leadership—YOURS.  New friends, fresh ideas, amazing experiences, join Mona and Candy Bell for a transformational journey to your next level.