The Art of Sharing Yoga

Teaching a transformative yoga class is live Art.  

Space and time with this group of human beings will never occur again. It is true artistry when a yoga teacher weaves a net of various energetic vibes to create an inclusive, positive, experience for all. If Art is the ability to change people with your work - there is artistry working with human beings mind, bodies and spirits. 

Art isn’t only a painting. Great Art (and great yoga classes) resonate between the artist/viewer (teacher/student) in a sacred bond. Not all yoga classes are Art. Some are fitness work-outs. Some are repeated set sequences the teacher has memorized. Not all teacher training programs have the same approach and philosophy.  Some emphasize revering, and adhering to set rules.

The Art of sharing yoga requires insight, creativity, boldness.  

There is an emotional labor of doing something difficult, taking a risk and extending yourself. As yogis (and Artists) we use this emotional labor to make things better in the world. We need yoga teachers willing to learn the Art of connecting to the humanity inside the students on the mats.  It begins with creating community.  

Not all yoga teachers see themselves as Artists - do you?  

Embrace the Artist within you!  

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Honor Your Body.

The body is a sacred garment.

It is your first and last garment;

It is what you enter life in

and what you depart life with,

and should be treated with honor.
— Martha Graham, (1894-1991) American dancer and choreographer.


Mona Ceniceros, yoga instructor

An artist lives within Mona. An inspiring teacher, she has an extraordinary gift for delicate instruction, the personality of prophetic fire in which she helps transforms the students who become leaders of yoga.

Teaching a transformative yoga class is live art.

"To perform every action artfully is yoga."

— Swami Kripalu, Yoga Master (1913-1981)


Immerse Yourself into the Ancient Art of Yoga