“Wellness & Leadership,” Evolutionary Training for Experienced Yoga Teachers (300/500RYT)

If you are a 200 hour RYT considering a 300 hour Yoga Alliance Program in Minnesota or Iowa, and ready to craft your own opportunities, this blog (and my program) is for you. Training in yoga therapy, or Ayurveda, is available - but what if you don't want to do private therapy? What other avenues are there for teachers to sustain themselves teaching yoga? 

If you have years of yoga training, experience, teaching more and more classes isn't advancement. It is a recipe for burn-out — before you shine.


Yoga is bigger than ever but the system of classes, and role of teacher is as it never has been before in thousands of years. The fitness industry influence, while providing more opportunities to teach, has changed yoga student expectations of what yoga is. The role of yoga teacher, amount of training/experience needed, has been devalued to the extent that yoga teachers now join fitness instructors in the pink collar ghetto. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink-collar_worker).  

Yoga teachers who understand this, and intuit how to exceed and shape expectations will lead our regional yoga community.  And we need them.  We need you.

We need innovators and entrepreneurs. If the current paradigm is not the highest representation of The Work, if we need opportunities for us to practice The Art, then it’s up to us to embrace leadership and create change.  

Teachers gain an understanding of how to expand skills to move into next level positions in the current paradigm — or walk their own path in my 300 hour, “Wellness & Leadership,” Yoga Alliance Advanced Level Training.

Current paradigm Next Level Jobs:

  • Yoga Program Director
  • Studio/Franchise Manager
  • Conference/Festival Presenter
  • Yoga Teacher Training Workshop Presenter
  • Yoga Teacher Training Program Director

What if you don’t want to do ANY of these jobs? What’s missing from this list:

  • After-School Yoga Program Director for ADHD and ADD students
  • Yoga Program Director for Incarcerated Women, State Corrections
  • Yoga THERAPIST, University Athletic Training Departments
  • Children’s Yoga SPECIALIST; Pediatric Therapy Services
  • Restorative Yoga PROGRAMS for Hospitals, Cancer and Addiction Centers
  • Yoga PROGRAMS for elite athletes
  • Non-Profit Yoga Organization Executive Director

The above are not individual classes by solo teachers, but dreamed-up opportunities to design programs with intention, long-range planning, budgets, training of other teachers along the way.  Where are the teachers with a yogic vision of how to craft helpful programs in their communities? What yoga teachings support stepping into leadership roles?  We need a new paradigm – where yoga is more than drop-in classes, at gyms and studios. I don’t just mean community education, or out-door classes.

I believe the best yoga jobs haven’t been created yet!

I started my first level teacher training twenty years ago because there weren't any (I was first YA teacher training in MN, IA, WC, ND & SD).  Again, I am compelled to offer what I feel is needed. My “Wellness & Leadership,” 300hr Yoga Alliance Advanced Teacher Training is for teachers who envision opportunities, and prepare themselves. 

We begin with cultivating deep level wellness - another blog on this topic – truth is, you’re not going to be happy and successful without wellness.  Burn-out is your nemesis.  But is it worth investing your training dollars in? Ask your body, heart, soul and then you tell me.

Co-director Candy Bell and I have completed an inspiring pilot run of this one-of-a-kind program, with six graduating. We begin and end in retreat. You do not have to be interested in the 300hr program to attend the Okoboji Yoga Teachers Retreat, but it’s the first step if you are.  

If any of the above resonates with you, I encourage you to contact me: monayogini@gmail.com to tell me you’re in, for the Retreat alone, or to walk the path of “Wellness & Leadership” for 300hours with me. 


You are the architect of your own life and you control your destiny.
— Swami Rama