Mona encourages

“Excellence in Teaching Yoga”

Excellence in teaching yoga is hard. If it wasn’t, all yoga classes and teachers would be excellent. That is not the case.  And, there are plenty teachers (and students) for which a good yoga class is enough. A focus on excellence is a personal intent an individual teacher brings to the equation – it’s not required.   

What’s the first step to being an excellent teacher? 

It’s the hardest. It’s self-evaluation, self-observation of our strengths and weaknesses. Excellent doesn’t mean perfect – but it cannot be achieved with denial. When we learn of areas that we might improve, are we open? Or defensive of why we do it the way we always have?  

To be excellent, we must maintain always the student perspective.  Mona completed three teacher training programs before crafting her own, to experience as a participant and student the process of developing confident teachers.  The next "Foundations of Yoga" 200hour program begins March 2019. 

“You’re not going to become excellent for cheap and at your convenience.”

When excellence is achieved in other fields of endeavor, we are not surprised to hear of a financial investment in lessons, tutor, coaching or camps. And not just money spent, but hours invested in travel and inconvenience to family life. There is an understanding that excellence requires some sacrifice, and you get out what you put in.  It’s the same with excellence in teaching yoga.  You’re not going to become excellent for cheap and at your convenience.   

Excellence  in  teaching  requires investment in yoga training; then sharing all you know with students and other teachers before returning to the well for more.   

Taking classes with an excellent teacher helps us become more excellent.


What Mona holds Sacred.

There’s managing the studio (Sun Moon Yoga):  The schedule, the teachers, the students, the website, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, emails, cell phone messages, texts, PayPal, answering machine, trips to Sam’s Club and City Desk, housekeeping.

All worth it for the moment the door closes, the Tingshas ring out, and it falls away for all of us in that sacred time.  

Then, we drop into breath.  

We allow our bodies freedom, our minds a respite, our spirits off-leash.  

The people who share those moments with Mona are varied: long-time friends, new students, nurses, social workers, day-care providers, lawyers, doctors, servers and college students and professors. 

Mona is grateful and honored to bring a valuable thread of yoga into the tapestry of their lives.  

Learn about Mona's 200hour yoga study program.