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Tap into her wealth of knowledge.

Mona Ceniceros is available for speaking engagements for your spiritual community, group, or organization!

Mona is an insightful, inspiring, yet down-to-earth speaker, who integrates teachings from yoga philosophy, wellness and a multitude of spiritual wisdom.
Her messages touch the heart and engage listeners in their own inner awakening. She has been teaching, leading workshops and retreats, and speaking to groups for over 20 years, and it is her great passion to offer her services.


Corporate Retreats

Yoga is proven to reduce stress, relax tension and increase productivity by providing a deep neurological release through breathing, meditation and physical exercises. Mona specializes in using yoga practices to generate harmony and connection with all participants leading to increased productivity, low attrition and high company morale.


Guest Instructor

Contact Mona to be a visiting yoga teacher for your home studio. She has dedicated her life to learning through practice and direct experience, and can share her experience and expertise to help your yoga business, retreat or event.

Mona Yoga Speaking Training

Speaking Engagements 

Mona is available for speaking engagements, leading workshops, and instruction in a wide range of mindfulness, yoga, relaxation and wellness topics.

“When you view yoga as solely an exercise class you limit transformation on many deeper levels.”

— Mona Ceniceros