Lesson #9: Share & Shine

Practicum II: Leadership Projects Presented

Saturday, July 27 & Sunday July 28, 2019

Thai Yoga Massage

To get here is a journey!  There have been lessons, frustrations, growth, anticipation, empowerment, self-esteem and deepening connections to our work and each other.  Committing space and time to doing The Work and learning The Art with experienced teachers is an investment in your teaching and yourself.

Participants three-hour presentations may cover these aspects of their project:  Sample teaching, showing videos they have produced, print-outs of budgets, long-range planning goals, timelines for implementation of programs, marketing, evaluating. They will have been through the process to access the above with three previous “practice,” projects.  When participants present, projects are ready to launch.

Participant projects have included:

  • Restore and Retreat – Based on “Untethered Soul,” by Michael Singer

  • Yoga on the Table – Luna Flow Sequence for Endometriosis pain relief

  • Spiritual Chair Yoga (introducing chair yoga into a faith environment)

  • Heart & Soul – Workshops Integrating Reflexology with Yoga

  • Chair Yoga Training for Caregivers – Trains caregivers to do simple yoga

  • Pose & Prose – Processing yoga experience through writing

ASSIGNMENTS:  All completed assignments culminate here in project presentations.  Required: Printed, and according to specifications,  provide hand-outs/outline for your presentation for each member of the group.

ITINERARY:  Each person will be assigned a presentation time-slot.

PRESENTER:  The 300hour Cohort will present all educational aspects of the Weekend Intensive.

MONA’s NOTE:  No words can describe this special weekend, where we present just to each other, and get total support.  The intellectual depth, and creativity of past graduate’s projects  has  both humbled me, and reaffirmed my belief that given time and space in our lives genius visits.

YOGA ALLIANCE Standard:  Practicum