“Evolve into the best instructors...”

The yoga study program sets the standard for excellence in the programs they offer. A deliberate and delightful mixture of warmth, expertise, and eternal love of all that is yoga meet participants, invite them to work hard, and offer them a platform to evolve into the best possible instructors of the practice.

— Robin B., 300 Hour YTT

“Coaxing the teacher from within...”

Mona Ceniceros is an amazing teacher that is committed to each and every student. Mona was honest, thorough, and knew exactly how to coax the Yoga teacher from within to the externalized!

— Jeff M.


Sun Moon Yoga yoga study provided a solid base for me in my journey from student to teacher. Mona is superior in her ability to connect with students and meeting each person where they are. I highly recommend her teacher training program!! Whether someone is looking to deepen their understanding of yoga and its application in everyday life or venture into the teaching field, this program meets those needs.

— Julie D.


“Everything we wanted and more.”

My yoga study at Sun/Moon Yoga provided me with a variety of helpful experiences and information. It was a safe yet challenging environment. I am especially grateful that Mona brought in some excellent teachers to instruct us in our training.

— Mary F.

“Gentle push.”

Being able to take this training with instructors who really cared about my ideas, and giving me the gentle push to go to the next level was wonderful. The location is great and a beautiful studio. The small classes were wonderful. I felt I received the help and attention I needed.

— Kathleen R., 300 Hour YTT


“Highly recommended.”

Yoga Study with Mona/Sun Moon was exceptional, highly recommended.

— Tamara A.

"True to the Heart of Yoga"

Sun Moon Yoga was the best place I could have studied, staying true to the origins and the heart of yoga. Great program, amazing teachers, and an amazing learning environment.

— Jessica D.


Studying with Mona was a transformative experience. I learned so much about yoga and myself that I am a different person than I was when I began. I am more myself, and am able to come from a more open-hearted place... 

— Ali D.


The yoga study was a life-changing experience. Such great care is put into the preparation and pace of the study, allowing trainees to transform with the art of yoga....

— Heather Y.

"Deeper in Love with Yoga"

Mona’s Yoga Study program made me fall deeper in love with yoga, and gave me a deeper appreciation for the power yoga can have in the lives of those that practice. This program created a strong community of teachers that will continually have a support system long after their graduation date. Every weekend in which we met came with new surprises, moments in which we were pushed from our area of comfort, and numerous opportunities to grow in our knowledge. I cannot thank this program enough for helping me establish an amazing foundation to begin my yoga career.

— Desiree F.


"The workshops were excellent!"

Sun Moon Yoga Study was better than I expected. The workshops were excellent. I would recommend Sun Moon Yoga Study to anyone that was serious about becoming a Yoga Teacher or even interested in expanding their knowledge of Yoga.

— Patricia Z.

"I felt prepared to teach."

I was pleased with the exposure to different schools of yoga. I definitely felt prepared to teach after completing the 200 hour yoga study program.

— Molly T., 200 Hour YTT

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